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Beverly Regional Airport Information

Airport Mission Statement
The primary mission of Beverly Regional Airport is to provide aerial access to Beverly and the North Shore region for private, business, and corporate aircraft.

A secondary mission is to enhance the desirability of Beverly and the North Shore as a location for businesses, outlets, offices, and manufacturing facilities by providing direct corporate access for executive visits, raw materials/components, and finished products. Another important mission is the continued support of recreational and instructional flying.

Airport Classification
Beverly Regional Airport is classified as a general utility, general aviation/reliever airport. This means it can accommodate all small aircraft and larger corporate type aircraft. Its designation as reliever means it's available to relieve Logan International Airport of small general aviation type aircraft during Logan's peak traffic times.

Airport Finances
The Beverly Regional Airport operates as an enterprise fund and is self-sustaining by revenues that are generated at the airport. The City of Beverly is very fortunate; it is rare that a general aviation airport is self-sustaining without receiving some form of subsidy from its owners. Beverly Airport's self-sustaining capability is being tested however, as some revenue-generating opportunities are disappearing due to more stringent FAA separation criteria, wetlands, and environmental studies. The justification for those municipalities who do subsidize their airports is the economic benefit that an airport provides to the community.

Significant sources for airport funds are the federal Airport Improvement Program fund and the state Airport Safety and Maintenance Project fund. These monies do not come from the general taxpaying public but from aviation fuel and passenger taxes. Hence, those who actually use airports are the ones who pay for them. These funds may be used for a variety of airport uses e.g. repair of runways, taxiways, aprons, airport roads, airfield lighting, utilities, navigational aids, weather reporting equipment, safety equipment, security equipment, and snow removal equipment. Portions of these monies are also spent in the community for goods and services.

Airport Land
Of Beverly Regional Airport's approximate 415 acres, less than 60 acres are covered by macadam, hangars, and other buildings. Hence approximately 85% is open land. A large portion of the open land is wetlands for which airport use is very limited.

Some of the wildlife found on airport land are seagulls, geese, pheasants, and wild turkeys as well as fox, deer, and coyotes. If wildlife present a hazard to aircraft they are "scared off". Beverly Regional Airport also has a special permit issued by the Massachusetts State Fish & Game Department to hunt large animals when they are considered hazardous to air traffic, but this is only done when needed.

Public Perception/Noise
Portions of the general public tend to regard airports as noisy, undesirable neighbors. Yet, at the time when airports were built, the only neighbors most airports had were trees and meadows not humans. Over the years though, developers chose to build closer and closer to airports. This has been true at Beverly, where housing and other development has occurred despite warnings from the airport and the MassDOT/Aeronautics Division. Aircraft noise at Beverly Regional Airport has declined due to decreases in the number of aircraft operations, aircraft that are being built with quieter engines, and the noise abatement procedures put in effect by airport management. Such procedures include preferential runway use in which flights cross the least populated areas, prohibiting intersection takeoffs, a best rate of climb policy, "touch-and-go" restrictions, and compliance with Federal Air Regulations pertaining to noise.





Airport Development Opportunities
There are parcels on the airport that are available for both aviation and non-aviation development, for more information, contact the
airport manager.


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